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Skilled Guidance For Wills, Powers of Attorney And Probate Matters

If you need to establish a plan for the distribution of your assets upon death, or you have been named executor or administrator of the estate of a loved one, you want an experienced lawyer to advise you. There are many different strategies for passing on your estate. The probate process can be complex and intimidating. You want a lawyer who has successfully guided others through the process.

Attorney William R. Pemberton, with offices in Crockett, offers more than 40 years of experience to individuals throughout Houston County and the surrounding area in East Texas. He understands how important it can be to get timely answers to your legal questions. He and his staff are committed to responding to all your e-mails and calls within 24 hours.

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The Firm’s Estate Planning Practice

Attorney Pemberton will take the time to listen carefully to learn the details of your financial situation, as well as your estate planning objectives. He will then help you understand the different strategies for passing on your estate, including the use of wills, the re-titling of assets to avoid probate, and lifetime gifts. Once you have determined the best approach for meeting your goals, he will prepare all the necessary documentation to put your estate plan in place, including wills, living wills and powers of attorney.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to do your own estate planning, using a form you found on the Internet. More often than not, something will not be done correctly and your loved ones will face needless expense and anxiety when you die.

Experience Probate Administration Attorney

The firm also works with executors, administrators and personal representatives, helping you complete the requirements of the probate process, so that you can settle the estate of a loved one. Attorney Pemberton will help you put together an accounting of the assets of the estate, obtain property valuations (if necessary), pay all final debts and taxes of the estate, and oversee the orderly distribution of property. The firm also handles probate guardianships and probate litigation, including will contests.

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