Crockett DWI Defense Attorney

Protect Your Driving Privileges And Criminal Record

Many people who are arrested for drunk driving do not know the best way to defend themselves. They may think their only option is to admit to the crime and pay the fines. In reality, an experienced Crockett DWI defense lawyer can help you understand what options are available.

You may be able to fight the legality of the arrest, challenge the results of the breath test or field sobriety test, or fight to have the charges reduced. An attorney can help you determine the best defense for your situation and can educate you about the short- and long-term effects of any decision.

At the law firm of William R. Pemberton, P.C., attorney Pemberton has been defending individuals in Houston County and throughout East Texas for more than 40 years, and he can help you identify any available alternatives to pleading guilty. He defends and provides counsel to individuals in a range of drunk driving matters, including:

  • First-time DUI arrest
  • Repeat DUI arrests
  • Minor DUI arrests
  • Use of ignition interlock devices

Representation From A Lawyer Who Knows Both Sides Of The Courtroom

Attorney Pemberton is a former prosecutor, and his experience gives him a comprehensive understanding of the criminal law processes and how the state prepares criminal cases. After investigating his clients' cases, he advises them about the best options for their situations, such as negotiating guilty pleas or going to trial.

During his career, he has also developed strong working relationships with prosecutors and judges, allowing him to effectively work within the system to protect your rights.

Contact A Lawyer Defending Walker County Individuals After Drunk Driving Arrests

If you were arrested for drunk driving in Huntsville, Lufkin or another city in East Texas, contact an aggressive lawyer who can protect your rights. To schedule a confidential consultation with attorney Pemberton, fill out the online contact form or call 936-544-4111.